Old Skool Sessions Vol 1 – Mixed by Max One

Old Skool Sessions Vol 1 – Mixed by Max One

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  • She’s Breakin Up – Bitin’ Back
  • 2 Bad Mice – 2 Bad Mice
  • Spliffhead remix – The Ragga Twins
  • Keep The Fire Burning – The House Crew
  • The Theme – House Crew
  • Vengance – DMS
  • Future Sound – Phuture Assassins
  • Exodus (The Lion Awakes) – The Brothers Grimm
  • Illegal Subs – Kaotic Chemistry
  • The Life and Crimes of a Ruffneck – Acen
  • Trip to the Moon: pt3 – Acen
  • Deepa (N.R.G Remix) – Q Bass
  • Roots and Future – Phuture Assassins

As promised, I’ve finally gotten round to doing a good and proper old skool mix :-). I decided to keep it a little bit on the funkier, slightly darker, less over heard side for this one.¬†As good as the anthems are at a rave, these are the ones that send me back… You can just see the proper roots of drum and bass / jungle in these ones… So put on your Dossee Possee , your Blamey jeans, your Reebok classics, shave your head, bang up a zoot, and flash up a lighter…

And here are some old StepBack flyers where I was resident DJ to reminisce…

6 Responses to Old Skool Sessions Vol 1 – Mixed by Max One

  1. Ssejy says:

    OH GOD…. you keep me sane Max!!! I churn your mixes out to all I know! including a house party I was at last night! well done xx

  2. nick moody says:

    woop woop !!!!!!!!

  3. Luci says:

    Even I listen to your tunes at work!! very nice!!

  4. HannahtheLamb says:

    QWARLERTEEE!! You are head lining at our house warming tonight!! xxx

  5. Rex says:

    Max. Quality. One classic after another. Many I had forgotten but came rushing back as soon as they dropped. Out-fucking-standing!

  6. Max One says:

    Cheers my dears xx