Still Ripe (Vinyl House and Garage Mix) – Mixed By Max One

Still Ripe (Vinyl House and Garage Mix) – Mixed By Max One

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  • Do You Want Me – Cloud 9
  • Cover Ups Vol 1 – Joey Musaphia
  • (Black) Side A – Track 1 – Nice n Ripe Double Pack
  • Dance Tonight – Deep Dub
  • Underground Cuts Vol1
  • Spend the Night – Danny J Lewis
  • Anytime – Nu Birth
  • Just Gets Better (TJR Dub) [feat. Xavie] – TJR
  • Reach Me (At The Top) – Anita K
  • Rips Vol 1
  • Bells of N.Y. – Slo Moshun
  • The Vibe (That’s Flowing) – Mount Rushmore

After selling my decks a couple of years ago, because I’d mainly gone digital and they’d been sitting in my loft for some time, I’d get pangs when a tune would pop into my head and I only had it on vinyl and was unable to track it down online to listen to it. There’s almost every record ever made on YouTube and I sometimes rip the odd tune from there but the quality is poor-ish and anyway there are just some that can’t be found.

All this led me to do the right thing and pick up another Technics deck. This time I decided to go proper old skool and get the Technics 1200mk2 (the silver one) rather than my old 1210s (black version).

I realised it was possible to run my deck and mixer through my digital set up and benefit from the great FX you get using Traktor Pro.

I decided to put together a vinyl mix of a few of classic garage tracks (it’s about time for another garage revival right?). Few of these are pretty rare and I haven’t listen to them for around 10-15 years, some are classics that you still hear today.

I called it Still Ripe as a nod towards Grant Nelson’s record Label Nice n Ripe which really pioneered this sound.

4 Responses to Still Ripe (Vinyl House and Garage Mix) – Mixed By Max One

  1. Chris Jennings says:

    Gotta love the snap crackles and pops. :-)

  2. Max One says:

    Yup took me ages to design those in post production :-)

  3. Brilliant. It’s the one we’ve (meaning I’ve) been waiting for.

  4. Craftybutcher says:

    I was going to say clean your needles 😉

    Love it.